Technical Documentation

  • Proceedings

 "Control Systems: an Application to a High Energy Physics Experiment (COMPASS)" , P.Bordalo et al., 16/05/2012.

  • Up-to-date documents

   "Wiener equipment", K. Schmidt, 14/09/2007.

   "DCS-COMPASS requirements for the 2007 Run" , DCS group, 29/01/2007.

   "Wiener LV PS and VME Crates", F. Mota, 30/12/2006.

   "CAEN OPC Performance Tests", D. Sora, 24/02/2005.

 "DCS-COMPASS requirements for the Experiment's 2nd phase", DCS group, 28/10/2004.

   "Drift Chambers and MicroMegas integration", D. Sora, 25/03/2004 (and Scheme).

   "DCS-COMPASS project backup procedure", C. Quintans, 29/08/2003.

  • Historical documents

   "How to integrate CAEN HV in PVSS" , C. Quintans, 08/07/2004.

   "Iseg HV Modules for STRAWS", D. Sora, 20/05/2004.

   "Iseg HV Modules for Silicon", D. Sora, 24/05/2004.

   "COMPASS DCS UPS's", V. Falaleev and I. Manouilov, 05/08/2003.

   The COMPASS DCS architecture is explained in the following pages. Although the system was later modified in some parts, the bulk of this documentation remains valid: "DCS general overview", N. Karlsson, 2001.

   The description of the panels and scripts existing at the time of 2001 technical Run is given in the following pages - but please keep in mind that the current system appearance differs in many aspects of the one here presented: "DCS panels and Scripts", N. Karlsson, 2001.

   The COMPASS Framework used in 2001 technical Run and 2002 physics Run is described in detail in this document - several aspects are no longer valid, though: "COMPASS Framework documentation", H. Milcent, J. Rossi and N. Karlsson, 24/11/2000.

   The parameters foreseen to be read-out by the DCS-COMPASS, as of beginning of year 2000, and based on the collected detectors groups requirements for Slow Control: "List of raw parameters to read-out", 02/2000.

  The COMPASS Users requirements documentation, elaborated based on the answers to the questionnaire: "DCS of the COMPASS experiment - User Requirement Document", IT-CO/COMPASS, 04/11/1999.

   Questionnaire to the detectors groups in view of building the DCS for COMPASS: "Questionnaire on requirements for COMPASS Detector Control System", B.M.B, H. Milcent, V. Sougoniaev, V. Falaleev, 06/09/1999.

  • Detector groups requeriments for Slow Control

    "RICH", 1999.

    "Straws", F.-H. Heinsius and H. Fischer, 16/09/1999.

    "MWPCs", D. Panzieri, 1999.

    "BMS", 1999.

    "HCal1", 1999.

    "HCal2", 1999.

    "Ecal1", 1999.

    "Muon Wall 2", 05/2000.

    "Trigger Hodoscopes", 1999.